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What is this!?!? And what should we do?? I'm scared it's a tumor but I'm not sure, we pulled feathers to see if it will help. Thank you all! [IMG]
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It looks like an engorged tick. Can you try to remove it? Let's
Us know what you find out.
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I pushed on it and there was nothing hard like a tick 😕. It's soft like a fatty bump and I'm in IL and we don't have ticks yet (at least I hope not).
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Engorged ticks are soft. With a flashlight you can try to look underneath for any legs. It could be a skin tag or small growth. Watch it to see if it grows, but it kind of looks like a tick.
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I started seeing ticks in February this year.  You could dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and place it on it.  Won't do it any harm if it's a skin tag or growth but will make the tick release if it is one.  If it turns out to be a growth I'd just keep an eye on it for changes in size, texture, or color.  If it's not causing discomfort I'd leave it alone.  If you see any changes you could take her to an avian vet or research and make a decision on how to proceed.  Good luck and best wishes.

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