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day 26

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No pips, had a little fluctuation on temp but not for long periods of time, had movement at lock down, sad.png
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  I have eggs under a broody hen and am on day 22 and no pips or anything yet either.    I was told to leave them up until day 27. This is my first time but figured I would have better luck with my silkie sitting on them then if I would have tried to incubate myself. :(

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I hope they hatch, its my first time too
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Day 27 and still no chicks
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Hang in there, I know it's hard waiting. I'm on day 27 too, due too power outage for an hour and mine hasn't peeped or piped yet either. I wish you the best of luck on your hatch. 

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mine didnt make it :'(
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