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Red Junglefowl?

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We got a pair of chicks from a friend last year and really love these chickens.  So last month we attempted to hatch their eggs ourselves and all of them hatched. 


Just wondered if anyone can help identify the breed. 


Both the father and mother can fly really well!  The father is very protective and aggressive so we have learned not to mess with him.


Thank you,





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They sure do look like red jungle fowl, or red jungle fowl mixes.

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definetly mixes, the chicks have a similar color to fayoumi chick colors 

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They are Campine chickens. A pure bred hen and rooster.

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Thanks.  Friend just told me he bought them from PurelyPoultry.  They told him these are old english ginger but the rooster looks more like the Indian Red Jungle Fowl on their website. 

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