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Kona Coop from My Urban Farmers

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Hi All,


I recently got three chicks and then in a rush bought a coop Now I learned that the run area is on the small side plus the wire mesh is wide enough for a raccoon to reach in.


Before I make another "questionable" decision on the coop/run front I was hoping I could get some input from you guys.


After intense internet browsing (haha) I have set my eyes on the following:


It is big enough for me to possibly extend my flock once chicken math hits me (I can already feel it and wouldn't mind extending the flock up to five). Also, it fits nicely next to my house which is my landlords preferred chicken coop spot. 


Anyone has expedience with this company or see any red flags otherwise?


Thanks for any help, I really appreciate it!!!



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I would say three is the max for that size coop.


Lacks sufficient ventilation in my opinion.


You don't say where you live but if you live where you get lots of snow you hens will have to spend a lot of time in a very small house which can led to problems.


You will have to lock the pop door every night if you do not add a strong sturdy apron to the run.  Predators can and will dig under.


I can't tell how sturdy the hardware cloth is from the photo but if its not a heavy gage raccoons can chew through it, I've seen them do it.


Another thing the pop door doesn't look like it has a lock.  Again a nimble fingered coon will slid it open

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Thanks for your input.


I live in the suburbs of San Diego, so no snow and warm enough for the chickens to spend all year outside of the coop. I have seen Opossums and Raccoons in my neighborhood. There are also Coyotes that i can hear howling every once in a while and of course the usual mice and rats and probably some snakes. 


I am planning on locking up my girls every night for sure. I am paranoid of coming out in the morning to find them massacred.


About the hardware cloth: They state on their website that it is:


 3/8' hardware cloth:

  • Galvanized with a double zinc coating for maximum rust protection
  • 23-Gauge thickness

The run is 100" by 48" and the house is 48" by 36" with two roosting bars and a double nesting box.

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Check out my post here to see comments on coops made by this company...


If you are handy enough, maybe build your own?

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Thank you so much for pointing me towards the other thread! After all that I have been reading I will definitely not be purchasing a coop from them. 

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