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Lame silkie chick

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Hey all, my seven week old silkie chick is suddenly (as of this morning) very wobbly on her legs
She's still trying to follow her mumma around but can only take a few wobbly steps before she sits down, and then stays put until the flock moves away again.
She doesn't really seem interested in food or water either.
Feeling pretty concerned and would really appreciated some advice

Thanks in advance
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It could be coccidiosis or dehydration, but I would get some Corid to start the chick on right away. Bring it inside to keep it warm. Are there other chicks with the mother hen? Get a dropper and feed the chick the Corid water. Dosage is 2 tsp of liquid Corid or 1 1/2 tsp of the powder per gallon of water for 5days. Until you are able to get Corid use electrolytes, pedialyte, or Gatorade, and feed the chick small amounts by dipping the beak or using a dropper.
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Thank you!
Yup, there is other chicks with the mother. They are all their perky normal selves.
I've got her inside now and have dropper dripped her some water until I can get something else
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Afternoon update-
She seems to have gotten progressively worse as the day has gone on sad.png
I managed to get her to have some water, and she had a little peck at some mash, but she can barely walk now. One leg seems particularly bad and is splaying right forward and she seems to have very little control of that foot sad.png
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Do you have chick vitamins with electrolytes? I think that might be better for her now, instead of Corid. Get the liquids in first, and then if she drinks and gets hydrated, then give her food. Good luck.
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Heading to get vitamins and electrolytes this morning, although she's not looking great today. She can't stand at all now, but is attempting to shuffle and flap her way around in a limping crouch sad.png
Wish me luck!
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Has she had any runny droppings with mucus or blood in them? I'm still a bit concerned that she could have coccidiosis, but a vitamin deficiency or dehydration can cause some of her symptoms. Cocci symptoms are lethargy, weakness, hunched posture, ruffled feathers, diarrhea, and not eating. Blood in stools may or may not be present. Get Corid right away if that seems to fit. I suppose she was not vaccinated for Mareks disease. Let us know how she is doing.
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Slight runny droppings late yesterday, but no blood or mucus.
She is much the same this afternoon. I've had to be out all day today unfortunately so only having a chance to give her electrolytes and vitamins now.
If it is vitamin deficiency/dehydration how long will it take to see an improvement?
Also, my vet seemed to think she was too young for diseases. Does that sound right to you??
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No, chicks that age are commonly sick from coccidiosis, which is easily treated with Corid. Also vitamin deficiencies are common, and Mareks disease can show up at this age up to around 6 months old commonly. Dehydration can occur at any age. How does her crop feel?
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Bloody poop this morning sad.png
Heading to farm supplies as soon as it opens for Australian equivalent treatment.

On an up note, she gobbled up most of a cooked egg yolk this morning, and I got a good amount of electrolytes in also.

Still keeping fingers crossed, I've become quite attached to this sweet little one
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