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Does bloody poop rule out mareks??
After reading about mareks I'm feeling pretty freaked out for the rest of my flock especially sick little one's clutch mates
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Not sure if I'm imagining it, or if it's wishful thinking, but she seems stronger this morning!
Started on Aussie corid equivalent and keeping up electrolytes and vitamins.
Keeping fingers crossed!!
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Glad your chick is feeling better! I hope she pulls through. I could be wrong but I don't think bloody manure is a symptom of mareks. And mareks is so contagious I would think more of the chicks would show symptoms.
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My thoughts too Chicklovinfreak although it's nearly the end of the day here and she's no different so we've made the decision that if she hasn't shown any significant signs of improvement by Monday, we're gonna assume mareks and send her to the big chook house in the sky sad.png
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I'm so sorry. Losing an animal is really hard, but watching them suffer is even harder. I Hope she does make it somehow and all your other chicks stay healthy.
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I'm so glad that you got her started on the coccidiosis treatment. It is very common to see those symptoms she had with her legs from the cocci. Let us know how she gets along. When the amprollium or cocci medicine is finished, put her back on the vitamins, and give her a little plain yogurt for probiotics for a week.
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No improvements this morning.
It's come to my awareness though that her feet are very curled and clawed. Curly toe paralysis???
I'd upload a photo, but it just doesn't seem to work for me.
Gah, it's just so confusing trying to work out what's going on!! 😡
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Can you give her some riboflavin or vitamin B2? Baby vitamins contain that, and I will try to look up foods. I would continue the amprollium or coccidiosis medicine.
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Beef liver, ground lamb, and plain yogurt are rich in riboflavin. It only takes a little, or if you can get vitamin B2 riboflavin tablets, and give a little orally.
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Can I keep giving the medication with the vitamins???
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