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Don't you feel that you should continue the amprollium for possible coccidiosis with her bloody droppings? Only one thing can be used in the water at the same time. I would keep going with the amprollium, and give a little food rich in riboflavin, but just a little. Yogurt is good anyway to help with probiotics.

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Yes, I'm continuing with the amprollium, I just wasn't sure I should be giving that, and vitamins. She's had some good quality plain yoghurt today, and this afternoon there is a definite improvement in the strength in one of her legs. No more clawing of that foot and it's much stronger.
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On a side note, I only saw what looked like blood in one dropping. Nothing since
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Amprollium is a thiamine inhibitor in the coccidia oocyst, and some feel that giving vitamin B or thiamine may be harmful while on amprollium or Corid. Riboflavin or B2 deficiency is what can cause the curled toe paralysis. So for that reason, I would continue the vitamins. There is nothing in the drug books about not giving vitamins during amprollium treatment, and in fact chick feed has vitamins, I really don't buy into that belief, but that is only my opinion.
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I reckon your thinking is sound smile.png
I'll continue with the vitamins.

Thank you so very much for your time and assistance!
I really do appreciated it
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