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Our first coop project!

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Hey! (and sorry for my english, I'm from Sweden :-P )

Have been start on building our first coop, since we're getting into chickens this spring :-D

My boyfriend has done a design in the program sketchup and it changes time by time for the better. Inspired by "The Palace Chicken Coop" design.

This is how far we've come and I'll update with pics.

What do you guys think? Any advice or tips? :-)


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Looks great so far!
Welcome to chicken raising, my wife and I are new to this adventure also.
Do you plan to have feed and water under the floor in the design your boyfriend drew up?
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Looks great!

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No under the floor we're going to have a sand bath. The water outside is going to hang on the side of the house and feeder inside the coop with a chain from the roof.

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Oh, good thinking, I have noticed alot of people's feeders & waterer under the chickens "living quarters". But I think the way your going will be just fine!!👍
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