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Do me a favor, try a bag of regular lay crumbles. Feed nothing else, Purina or Nutrena crumble and plain water. Not sure why you insist on feeding "organic" when you are so willing to give antibiotics. Sorry, it just confuses me a little.

no way. I eat lots of organic so mostly do mostly my chickens. I am willing to pay the differences. Lots on here this forum mix their own feed...
  Why are you pushing "P" big "P" or "N"???? I guess cause they are sponsers...
I am willing to give antiobiotics or wormers cause trying vitaminsB< vit E, yogurt, probiotics, ACV   did not help.   even plain boiled rainwater is  not helping the 3 or so... Nor just plain feed w nothing else helps those I was hoping even some of the many grasses and weeds they eat  on their own would help
I am out in the 1/2 acre  several times a day esp the areas close to coops and gates picking up poo.  
 Unfortunately if its worms again the single "Safeguard  for goats"didnt help. previously the Valzaben didnt help BG and LIL sis
they are foragers and who knows how many worms etc they eat on their own or find puddles during our very very very wet fall and winter and early Spring...

Suggesting Purina or Nutrena because most feed stores sell a lot of it, so they will be freshest. I'm *not* suggesting because they are "sponsors". I'm also suggesting it because of the many posts that you've done in the last year where you have mentioned some of the stuff you have been feeding and medicating with. You've tried everything else, why not try something like Purina. With Purina, *you* can look at the date code on the bottom of the bag and verify how fresh it is.

It's the only thing you haven't tried, so why not try it?

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