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My new coop

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Hey all. Just looking for a little feedback on my coop. I just built it this weekend and I am not done yet, but wanting some info before I proceed any further. I plan on painting the inside and putting in the hardware mesh, building the run, etc. in the coming weeks. What I'm wondering is if my ventilation holes are big enough/too big/too closely located to the roosts? (I live in Louisville, KY, so hot summers and cold winters.) Also if my roosts are in a good position? I worry about the holes being too big and letting in rain or something? I have six pullets in my garage. I've never had chickens before so I'm a little unsure of specifics. Thanks for your help! Feel free to comment with any concerns, suggestions or questions. I just need someone to discuss this with other than more people with no chicken knowledge!!

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Welcome to BYC, congrats on working on your first coop, what are the dimensions? for each bird you need about 4 sq. foot per bird most hatcheries and other places will tell you that you need to have 1 sq. ft but that is not enough room and you will run into picking issues. What kind of birds do you have/

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It is 5x4! I have a RIR, barred rock, Isa brown, Australorp, and americauna. I think I'm ok on the size! May end up getting rid of one once they are full grown. They are only about 2-3 weeks now.
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It is 5x4. Rhode Island Red, Plymouth Rock, americauna, isa brown, and Australorp. About 2-3 weeks old now
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That is good for 5 chickens so you are good if you are going to get rid of one, and just for future reference(I hate it that people get duped) but an americana is nothing but an EE the breed that that they are switched out for are ameraucana which lay a blue to very faint green colored egg, an americana's most common egg color is the green to blue color so they can switch  them out and for the most part the buyers will be non the wiser, they are still a very fun chicken to have and the eggs are awesome but it bothers me that places are mislabeling them.

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Yeah I've read that before a few times but it didn't matter to me!
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they still lay pretty eggs, I think what mainly still bothers me is that one of my friends thought she could go to the feed store and buy some chicks raise them get them looking good and show them but she was disqualified because her bird was not an ameraucana she was just starting out in 4h and didn't know much about chickens now she has some beautiful phoenix and brahma and others that I can't remember, I have two a hen and a roo and I am really happy that I was able to find them.

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Yeah I would be upset if I bought them for showing or something but I just wanted variety haha! Hopefully the ones I got turn out to be what they say they are. The Rural King in my area has a pretty good reputation with chicks so we will see!

Should I put a small roof/awning over my vent holes? I worry about rain getting in them.
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