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My Chickens keep getting out!

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We were letting our chickens free range in our 1 acre fenced back yard but they have recently been going into our neighbors yard and playing in their mulch, which clearly they don't appreciate. We put up 5 feet of chicken fencing around a 10 X 15 are but they keep getting out. Is it possible that they are flying over the fence? They would fly over the regular chain linked fence before but they would jump up and land on the pole. Now there is nothing to land on so I didn't think it was possible. Thank you for the help!
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They already like what your neighbors have so no matter what, they'll sneak out one way or another to head back there again and again.
I have seen how they observe the path that the first one took to get out so they just wait for the right moment.
Need to pit a chair sit down wait and see which way they are getting out
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What breed are the birds and are there wings cliped (If not I would reccomend it)

As Raverageon said, you will just have to sit it out to see where they are going(Chickens  are sneakey buggers)

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We have one ISA Brown, one black Australorp and a white one with black feathers one her neck (they were given to use and I'm not sure what she is). We want to get more but we have to get these under control first. We have not clipped their wings. I will have to look up how to do that.
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