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Help!!! My Chicken is sick:(

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Hello! I have a 1 year old Black Austrolorpe who I believe is quite ill. Her feathers have gone from a beautiful black to a grey almost down like quality. Her weight has dropped and her crop feels soft. Her vent is very swollen and red in color. She has horrible watery diarrhea. She seems to still be active and eating well. She always has access to clean water. She has been given a bath and already treated for mites. Any help or advice would be wonderful! I'll be calling the vet Thursday when he is back on the office. Below are some photos of her. Sorry in advance for the graphic feces one but i want to give as much info as possible.

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First of all, beautiful girl you have there!  I love, love, love, Austerlorps!  


Feel her abdomen.  Is it swollen too, or just the vent?  


You might want to research vent gleet- I think that's what it's called.  Here's a link for that:


And if it's not that, this list might help diagnose it.



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Thank you so much superchickruth! She is a wonderful girl! Her abdomen felt normal, wasn't rock hard or anything different that I could tell. I thought vent gleet as well! I will try some treatments for that tomorrow. She got a bath tonight to try and soothe her bottom and make sure the area was clean. Im really worried about her! I forgot to mention she is still laying pretty consistently but yesterday her egg had a little bit of blood on the shell.
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I'm also wondering if she is going through her first molt. Looking at some photos online it looks like that is why her feathers look grey right now instead of the beautiful black shade they normally are.
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Hopefully it is just a molt!  Keep us updated, though!  

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I have been doing more research today because the bath last night did not help much. I cannot find anything on issues where the top of the vent is swollen. Has anyone else experienced this? I've had an egg bound hen before so I'll double check her tonight to see if that is the issue but I really need to get this swelling down.
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How is your gal doing?  

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