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Coop design advice needed - Page 6

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Finally. Screwed the corners together. I was planning on pocket holing it all, but I had the perfect length deck screws and it just made more sense really to use those. It does mean that on the front of the run, the right-most post will have the screw holes so might need to cover those up - but we'll cross that bridge when come to it. For now... behold the results of today's hard work...


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Looks great, starting to come together!  All of this rain has slowed us WAY down.  I have my oldest 4 (7-8 weeks) out in the coop and hoping to finish the run this weekend if we can get some cooperative weather!  What did you decide for the roofing?

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Just got the call from home Depot today. The metal roofing has arrived. I can go pick it up now.

Also need the wood for the coop and sidings. Weather is great today.
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Unfortunately I'm stuck at a desk at work and Sunday is our next work day.  Hoping the rain holds off.  Good luck with the roofing!

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