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Is this poop ok?

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I have 3 polish bantam chicks and I have looked and looked at posts on chicken poop and I haven't seen anything like this. They are all 3 eating and drinking normally, and move actively around the brooder. The poop is strange and they do get poop dried on their fluffy butts. They are on medicated feed and I put electrolytes and probiotics in their water. Can anyone tell me if this is normal poop for a chick that is about a week old? Thank you!
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A quick glance at the links below and i would say its ok - not based on any expertise, just what  i see. Other members will chime in over the day who are poo experts I'm sure :)


All the best


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The poop looks the same as my little chicks and they are on the probiotics and electrolytes also they seem to be doing fine running around acting like wild chickens they're almost 2 weeks old LOL
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Thank you!!! 💗
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You are most welcome :thumbsup




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That poop is completely normal. But if you haven't already experienced cecal poop, be ready for it. It's the consistency of chocolate pudding and smells like something the devil would design. It, too, is normal, but it may make you curse and lament that facet of brooding chicks. It only gets worse as they get older.

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I have 2-1 year old hens so I know all about cecal poop. Man is that stinky poop!!! Wow! Lol.
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