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Do I have roosters?

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This last batch of chicks has been quite the challenge for me. Three died hours after I got them, and then we found out that they are straight run rather than pullets (like they were supposed to be). They're Bantams- never had those before.
Not sure what breed. Their combs look big. Do you guys think I have roosters? I don't know what the heck I'm going to do with them if they are. I' don't eat my birds- just keep them for eggs. Not too sold on giving them away to be eaten, since I've raised them. I'm frustrated at this point. Can 3 roosters even live together? Any advice or answers would be greatly appreciated
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I'll let the gender gurus do that bit of your question, but yes, roos can co-exist together and it seems from what i have read, a more peaceful co-existence when there is no access to the ladies - so a bachelor coop could work for them.



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That's great to hear. Thanks! That gives me some peace of mind.
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You are welcome :thumbsup


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This is not confirmation, mind you, but those combs look yellowish and if they were cockerels, the color would be more red-orange, and in another couple weeks, it would be noticeably pinkish red. Are those three all you have? You may have lucked out on the odds. I ordered three pullets (hatchery sexed) and got one roo out of the three.


Take some close-up head shots, and post them on What Breed or Gender forum. They love to guess gender over there, and are quite good at it.

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Those look like pullets to me. Males with that sort of coloring usually feather in with solid black on the chest. 

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Thanks for the replies. I would feel very lucky if they turn out to be pullets. I'll have to take a close up pic when I'm home later and post it. Any guesses on the breed?
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Most likely some variety of Old English Game bantam. They are the most common clean-legged bantam breed.

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