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Coop Location

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OK so Im finally doing it, we are getting chickens this year. I have read so much and talked with people so much my head is spinning. My question today is, I have a location that would be perfect for the coop and run. It is level, well drained, easy access, and wide open...therein lies the problem. Living in Vermont, with our sometimes brutal winter temps I thought this would be perfect as it would be good to get all the winter sun I could........but then comes summer and this spot would be out in the sun all day. No shade at all. The plan is to have them be able to be in a run during the day when we arent there but out free when we are around.


What do you all have to suggest?

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A tarp for shade, or some large potted plants outside the run. Another good idea is vines, just make certain they are good for chickens to eat.
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A friend just mentioned planting some lilacs around the coop and run too. Added bonus is my wife loves lilacs so its an excuse to plant more! His sleep around a lilac bush so Im assuming they are safe?

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Lilacs have to be safe.  We have a lot of lilacs.  The girls are always around them or perching in them.  Same with the neighbors and their chickens.  Mine would sleep in the lilacs if I would let them. 

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Agreed, mine love hiding in the lilacs
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