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Ducks and ponds.

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After losing one of my pekins the other night I have doubled my effort on a large pond

It seems logical to me that as long as they are in the water they are fairly safe from predation. I don't see a hawk trying to land on a large bird they can't pick up in the water. And as long as its deep enough I don't see any larger animals attempting to swim to them. Plus I'd hope duck would be faster.

Just wanting to see if you guys agree. As long as a alligator doesn't take residence in my pond ducks should be safe on it?

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One question, do you have turtles in your ponds?


Some turtles create problems for ducks.  Snapping turtles are the ones my parents had trouble with when they tried to raise ducks.  From what I remember those turtles would eat the ducklings and crippled one or two of the adults by going after their feet.  If you are putting in a pond you might be okay, depending on how far turtles can travel from existing ponds and such.


I still have pretty vivid memories of watching our purebred registered collie running loose while the ducks were in the dog run to keep them out of the pond.


Just my two cents for what that is worth.

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Thanks ida. We do have snapping turtles in the area. Even worse is alligator snapping turtles.

I wonder if I can trap turtles if they enter the pond......even better wonder if its legal for me to turn them into soup here in FL


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