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Goof to hear you're going the heating pad route.It is completely safe,and the chicks are MUCH quieter and I have found no where near as skittish than ones under the lamp,they feather out quicker too,win win.It really is a shame that most all farm stores promote lamps and know nothing of the heating pad method, IMO it could save thousands of chicks and prevent many fires too. Good for you, and happy Chickining!!
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Figured I needed to provide some closure to this thread about what happened to the "panting chick".  I had noticed that it wasn't acting quite right and kept straying from the rest of the chicks and would cheep very loud when the others were quiet.  Just not acting normal compared to the others.  Other than the odd behavior, it appeared to be eating and drinking well and had stopped panting.  Well, yesterday my wife texted me around noon to inform me that the chick had died.  She said it was acting fine maybe an hour before and then suddenly it had died.  There is no doubt this was due to my heat lamp blunder and probably could have easily been prevented.  I'm now 100% MHP and loving the results so far.  I certainly encourage anyone who has never tried the mama heating pad or is just getting into raising chicks to definitely go this route if your setup makes sense.  As a newbie, I can certainly say that the MHP route has been a lot less stress on me and the chicks so far.

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Rob Im sorry for your loss.
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