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Hello from Cleveland (just north of Houston). My family just became new chicken owners and are loving it.  We are in the process of building a pretty large coop to accommodate more chickens, but right now we have 2 adult hens (I think we "oopsed" and got a meat bird) and also have a Rhode Island Red who is scared of her own shadow!


We also bought 10 baby chicks on March 12th


1 week olds:

Buff Brahma

Buff Leghorn

Exchequer Leghorn


2 week olds

4- Ameraucanas (prob really EE's - but we lost one a few days ago...HEART BREAKING!)

2- Silver Laced Wyandottes

1 - Black Australorp


We have fallen in love with all the girls, and are excited to hatch some of our own so we can have some of all ages!


Anyone anywhere close to us?