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Egg yolk

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My chicken has been having problems with its eggs. Yesterday it later an egg with a soft shell and today it laid an egg without an shell and red clots looks like blood. Any ideas what's happening?
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How old is she? Does she eat layer feed and have access to crushed oyster shell or crushed egg shells for extra calcium?
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She is about 9 months old and has oyster shell, egg shell, chick grit. They are show chickens so she is on 16% protein pellets and eats bird seeds. Also I got her a few days ago and she had worms so she is on wormer medice could that be the cause? Also the
other hen is on the same medice but lays fine. @Eggcessive
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I would just watch her eggs for awhile to see if it continues. Some chickens won't always eat the extra oyster shell, but they will readily take crushed egg shells. She could have some problem absorbing calcium, or a problem with her she'll gland. It may work out or not.
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