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Unbalanced and Lethargic Hen

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My chicken, Daisy, is a five year old Old English game hen. She recently was having issues going to the bathroom and was suffering from seizures. The seizures were only occurring for a couple of days and stopped after I gave her some extra vitamin supplements and electrolytes. For about a week now, she has been very lethargic, only walking around a little bit, and very unbalanced and unstable when she does walk. She stumbles and trips very easily. She has even gotten stuck on her back a couple times. She sometimes strains to go to the bathroom, but she is definitely going enough and it all looks normal. She is eating fine, actually she's quite a pig! and she is drinking plenty of water. I have her inside the house because of the cold and her small size, and also so I can keep an eye on her.


Everything seemed to start after my new dog came after her and scared her pretty bad. I'm wondering if the stress might have just been too much for her. I read that chickens can suffer from a lot of health issues as a result of stress. I try to keep things very quiet and relaxed for her and I give her a lot of attention and cuddles, which she really loves.


I am still giving her the vitamins, but only every couple of days just to make sure she isn't being overdosed on them, but still getting enough. She is alert, eating, drinking, going to the bathroom fairly well, and otherwise pretty normal, she just doesn't want to move around, and when she does, she is very unbalanced.


Any help and advice is greatly appreciated! I love my girl very much and I want her to beat whatever this could be!

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I hope that Daisy gets better soon! The bathroom situation might just be from the stress, so be sure to keep the dog away from her. 😲🐔😉Im not sure about her being unbalanced when she walks. I hope someone can give you advice on that. I hope that she improves very soon!!🐔👍💜🐔
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Thank you for the reply :) the dogs are downstairs and Daisy is upstairs, and the two floors are blocked off from each other so he won't be able to come bother her anymore. I'm hoping everything is just stress related and once she starts to settle down more she'll start feeling better too!

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I hope so too. I'd still try to take a visit to the vet or someone who knows about chickens, for example, the people at your local farm store. I'm very attached to my pets too,so, I know how it is to see them so sick. But I really hope that little miss Daisy starts to improve!!🐔🐔👍
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I will definitely try asking around at some of the stores in my area. There are not a lot of vets in my area that deal with chickens but hopefully there are still some knowledgeable people around!

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Good idea. Has she been improving at all? I hope so. 👍👍🐔😉 I'll try to do some research for Daisy too.
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Today she is doing pretty well. She has good days and bad days. I started doing a little physical therapy with her- helping her walk and exercise her legs- and that seems to be helping a little. She is still drinking a lot of water and eating a lot. Her crop was stuffed this morning so I know she's eating enough! I'm just keeping the energy positive and making sure she's happy and relaxed. Thank you so much for keeping Daisy and I in your thoughts :)

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It sounds like Daisy is improving!! That's good!! Just make sure that there is nothing stopping up her crop from doing it's job. Just gently massage it. But that might not be the case. Anyway, it's really good news that she's improving. I really do hope that she gets back to 100%!!!🙌😉🐔👍
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I just contacted a vet who works with exotic animals to see if they can help Daisy. Today she is very unbalanced and even having issues standing upright. She also seems even less energetic than she has been the past few days. Hoping the vet can help her.. I plan an making an appointment this week if they can.

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hi, i think i have a same problem with my hen as daisy, she is broody and hatch her chicks 4 days ago, when i try to took her broody coop with her chicks after hatching, i realised that her muscles are very tight, and wings can't open enough,her breast muscles are like stone,  same as daisy she is "unbalanced and unstable when she does walk. She stumbles and trips very easily." she is drinking and eating a lot, too. at the beginning  i thought that it suffer from mites while she laying down on her eggs, and she doesn't eat any much,  causes  becoming  weakness but this is a different broblem!!! when i try to give her some vitamins ( calsium, selenium, vitamin e..etc) a realised that i can't open her mouth enough, her  chin muscles are very tight too



if you find the problem and the treatment, please give me some advises, how can i help her??, she has 10 chicks ( 5 days old) they are very healthy,  although her bad situation, and illness ,she is trying to look at them well


please help me

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