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hi, i think i have a same problem with my hen as daisy, she is broody and hatch her chicks 4 days ago, when i try to took her broody coop with her chicks after hatching, i realised that her muscles are very tight, and wings can't open enough,her breast muscles are like stone,  same as daisy she is "unbalanced and unstable when she does walk. She stumbles and trips very easily." she is drinking and eating a lot, too. at the beginning  i thought that it suffer from mites while she was brooding  her eggs, and she doesn't eat any much,  causes  becoming  weakness but this is a different broblem!!! when i try to give her some vitamins ( calsium, selenium, vitamin e..etc) a realised that i can't open her mouth enough, her  chin muscles are very tight too



if you find the problem and the treatment, please give me some advises, how can i help her??, she has 10 chicks ( 5 days old) they are very healthy,  although her bad situation, and illness ,she is trying to look at them well


please help me

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Daisy unfortunately passed away this morning. I won't ever really know what was wrong, but I'm so happy that I gave her such a good life right until the end. She died in my arms in bed, which is what I know she would have preferred to go.


Daisy's muscles started to get tight and she was unable to eat or drink without a lot of assistance. I would recommend assisting your hen with taking care of her babies so she doesn't get too stressed trying to look after herself and ten chicks. Try gently massaging her throat when you feed her to relax her and help her swallow. Just make sure she doesn't choke! I was feeding daisy with a small syringe, which worked very well. I would make your own thread to get more advice from more people. I hope for the best for you and your birds! And congratulations to you and your ten healthy chicks!

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I'm so sorry for your lost, unfourtanetely my girl was died this morning, too :( Her babies are now motherless, she was 3 years old aseel chicken, and a perfect mother and pet, she raised a lot of healthy chickens, now she is göne, i'm so sorry!  her  3 sisters are broody now, and they will hatch  4 days later, I'm trying to adopt these babies 4 days later when their chicks hatch.

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Where are you located? I would take them in a heartbeat if I could. I wish you the best of luck taking care of them and finding them homes. And I'm sorry for your loss as well :(

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I'm so sorry about your sweet little Daisy!! But I hope that you have luck with some more chickens that you either already have or will get. So sorry again!! 😥😥😥🐔
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I definitely plan on getting more soon. Daisy was my only chicken and more of a pet than anything else. She even lived inside with me because we have too many hawks, owls, and rats around for her to be safe outside. I'm just really happy that I was able to give her a good life and take such good care of her. She was super spoiled! Thank you for your help with the situation and for checking in on us. I really appreciate it :)

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Oh no problem! I hope that you have luck with your other chickens. She must have been very happy and comfortable for a long time. Daisy was very lucky to be a house chicken. Lol. I'm really sorry about her though, but I'm sure that she had the happiest chicken life ever!!🐔=🙌🙌😉 A tip for Hawks is to put some chicken wire over the coop, or tie strings across the run. This has helped to keep the Hawks out of my chicken yard. Not sure about the rats though. You can also hang something shiny on the strings as a deterrent for the Hawks. Just make sure that it makes it really difficult for them to gtet in and out of the coop. You could also raise a rooster, but I'm not sure if you were wanting fertilized eggs, but he would protect the hens. Anyway, good luck with your chicken adventures!!
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Sorry for your loss. Sounds like she was very loved and was provided a wonderful life thanks to you! :loveThose chickens sure do know how to capture your heart!:yiipchick

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Originally Posted by MotherhenXOXO View Post

Sorry for your loss. Sounds like she was very loved and was provided a wonderful life thanks to you! love.gif Those chickens sure do know how to capture your heart!yippiechickie.gif
I know! That's how I've kept 3 meat breeds of chickens for about a year now and Ive kept them for eggs. I didn't expect anything,but we get 3 eggs almost everyday, and most of the time, 1 out of 3 of them is a double yolker! But anyway,my point is that it's true that animals certainly always find a way to make it into your heart.
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I have no issues keeping them inside so I will likely continue to do that. Of course Daisy got a lot of time outside when the weather was nice, so she still got to enjoy the outdoors as well! I wish I could have a rooster to protect any hens, but unfortunately we can only have females where I live. And there's a limit on six chickens.. The struggles of living in the suburbs!

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