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With the way the trays are slightly cupped, it gets a much better turn than the flat one I had in my HovaBator. You can customize turning rate very easily. Feel free to ask anything else. I wish I'd found reviews before I bought it.


I have an Incuturn for a Hovabator that I built using an Incukit. Temp and humidity ( I used their Plug and Play Hygrostat with a Reptifogger from Zoomed) are perfect but I believe the turner has cost me some chicks. I love my Incuview small table top incubator, and have had tons of success with it. My main concerns with this one is having such a small fogger cover such a big unit, and the turner. I love having the eggs on their sides though, and think it has made a difference in my hatch rates this year. It's a much more natural process. 


So your main issue is with keeping a constant temp, and difficulty with the turning mechanism and handling the eggs?