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Cold or Coryza?

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I have six 9-day old Chicks. Since the first day one of the chicks has been sneezing a bit. Now there are 2 that sound like they have some kind of respiratory issue. When they breath it sounds like their nostrils are full of mucous of some sort. They are otherwise heathy in appearance. No nasal discharge, no discharge in the eyes. No bad smell. They are eating and drinking and just as lively as the other chicks. I am a first time Chicken mama and I am awfully concerned about this. Is it possible it is just a 'cold' that will pass? Or is it more likely this Coryza I have read about? I asked at the store where I bought them and he showed no concern at all, told me to give them sugar water. Is there any point in separating them from the others at this point or is it too late since they have been together for this long? Any advice appreciated thank you!
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Welcome to BYC!

Do you have a video or pictures?

Pictures of your brooder may be helpful as well.

What type of bedding are you using?

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I am using a blended shavings product containing Cypress, Maple, Fir, Hemlock, Pine and Spruce. I tried to get a video but they didn't sneeze and the camera didn't pick up their breathing sound. I will try again tomorrow. The temperature in the brooder ranges from about 98 directly under the light to about 80-85 at the opposite end.
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I'm wondering if the bedding is too aromatic for them. Chicks (chickens) can be sensitive to smells which will make them sneeze. For example Cedar is way too aromatic and can cause problems.

You may want to try changing out to plain pine shavings and see if there is any improvement. Sometimes its a process of elimination.

Since they are quite young I would look at environment causes (odors, dust, etc.) instead of respiratory illness at this time. But if making a change still does not help, then reassessment of symptoms may be in order.

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X2 about changing the bedding. Also, you need to get your brooder temperature down to 85-90 degrees, then decrease it by 5 degrees weekly by raising your broader lamp or changing to a smaller wattage bulb. That temp is way to hot for 9 day olds, and the increased temp can cause rapid breathing, and increase the chances of respiratory problems.
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Thank you so much I will make those changes this morning!
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How are you chicks? Any improvement?

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I still have 2 sneezy chicks! I changed all of the bedding out to straight Pine as suggested, and adjusted the temperature. I also added in some vitamins to their water as recommended by a local feed store. All chicks, sneezing or not, seem to be equally as active and growing at the same rate as far as I can tell. I'm wondering, would they have become more ill by now if it was a virus they had?
I have 3 more chicks coming Tuesday and have set up a separate brooder in case this turns out to be something contagious. Thanks for checking in!
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I would keep an eye on them. If you see any discharge from the nostrils or eyes then it may be a respiratory illness. Chicks are constantly digging through bedding, their food (crumbles) is dusty, the chicks themselves are dusty (shedding keratin to grow feathers), they will sneeze occasionally. If they are active and growing at the same rate as the others, seem to be happy/healthy otherwise then hopefully they are just a little more sensitive to dust/dander in the environment.

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Chicks seem to be over their sneezing! And no more funny breathing sounds either! All are doing well. Thanks for your help๐Ÿ˜ƒ
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