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Chicks & temperature

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We have 3 chicks that were Easter presents for my boys from grandparents. We weren't given a heads up, so we're learning this as we go...
They're 9 days old. Their "brooder" is a large Rubbermaid tote w/ pine shavings, feeder & water bowls on opposite ends, & a red-bulb heat lamp clamped to the top of the bin. I don't have a thermometer in the brooder, but they don't huddle together & seem to be calm... So I'm assuming they're comfortable. I read that the more you pet/hold/touch them the more tame they'll be as they grow. I let my oldest two boys (6 & 4) hold them gently, but not longer than 2-3 minutes at a time. My question is how long can they be outside of the brooder & away from the heat? Can we let them "roam" in a closed area of the house? Also, we keep the temp in our house between 66 & 70, so I'm worried that may be too cool for the chicks to be out of the brooder an extended length of time.
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If they are not huddling under the lamp, and not totally at the extreme other end, then your temperature is good.    It is good the way you have it set up to provide a warm area as well as a cool area. The chicks will choose their comfort zone.    Handling the chicks is good.  I personally don't think having the chicks out of the brooder for 10 minutes in your home ambient will chill then significantly.   Time will fly by quickly and your lil babies will feather out more, at which time they will be able to handle more room temperature for longer periods.    I can just visualize you children enjoying these chicks.  Have lil ones wash their hands after handling chicks.  You are most likely aware of that.   Just thought I mention it. 

Sometimes these surprises by  Grandparents can put unnecessary strain on your  home keeping efforts.   It is said that it is a way  Parents get back at their children.  (meaning grandma and grandpa getting back at you or your spouse) LOL LOL. 

But other than the initial hardship, I thing you may get hooked on chicken keeping.    It is enjoyable .  My daughter got me hooked on these chickens that I keep.  I never thought I would end up with chickens. I'm a city slicker  living in metro are.    That was 20 years ago.    BTW daughter is long time on her own and cant keep chickens in her  area.   You can read my mind about now. :gig



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