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Bantam rooster with hurt feet

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I rescued a little rooster who had been picked on, all his blood feathers on his feet broken off. After reading of something similar on one of the forums here, I plucked out feathers on one foot which did some bleeding, and it seems better now.  The feathers on the other foot did not bleed, so I didn't pull them out.  I am wondering from the way they look on top if there is something wrong as they look pretty scaly.  The foot with the feathers on hurts him; he picks at it and stands on the other foot a lot.  Any suggestions whether there is something wrong besides the feathers?  Thank you for your help!




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Welcome to BYC!


I don't know much about feathered feet, but will give it a go.

You may want to soak his feet/legs in a warm bath, you can add a little epsom salts or dish soap, once he's soaked a short while take a soft toothbrush and gently scrub the feet. Once dried apply some vaseline, olive or coconut oil.

It's hard to tell if the scales are raised, so that is a simple treatment for scaly leg mites just in case. In any case the soaking of the feet may give you a better look to see if there is any injuries/cuts/mites that are hidden and the oils/vaseline won't hurt.

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Thanks, Wyorp!  I wondered if there was a problem as the scales seem very "scaly" looking..... will get on it today; I'll bet he will just be glad for the extra attention anyway, as he loves to be held.  I'm glad not to have to pull out his other feathers, as that hurts him and they are not bleeding at all like the feathers on the other foot did.

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Hopefully you won't have to pull more. I've read if they are not bleeding to leave them be, but they do look painful.

Let us know if he improves any:)

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Update on my Bantam rooster rescue, Wally.  His scales look better after trying Wyorp's treatment, and we did pull some blood feathers after getting some Quik Stop from the vet (this went pretty smoothly, but only did one foot as I know it was uncomfortable for him) but he still stands on one leg a lot and the leg he is holding up trembles. His blood feathers all grew back amazingly fast (about a week).  I think his left foot bothers him the most; once in awhile I will see him reach down and gently pick at it.  In the photos this is the leg with the most blood at the bottom of the blood feathers and some tiny spiky things that aren't on the other foot and that I cannot pull out with a forceps.  They are in there pretty tight.  There is no bumblefoot.  The pads of his feet are soft and free of any abscess or scabbing.  Can anyone tell from the look of the scales on the top of his foot or the feathers what might be the problem?  He seems improved but not cured. 

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Hopefully someone experience with feathered feet will chime in.

Trying to bump this up closer to the top....

I am glad to see some improvement, but it still looks quite painful doesn't it.

I'm sorry, but unfortunately I don't have any other suggestions.

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