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Yes I plan on using the coop once the ducks are old enough to go out side and it's warm enough. I will have to check on the heating pads, so u just burry them under the shavings? Will the regular mason jar waterers work? I can support them so they don't fall over
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A heat cave is basically a wire shelf (think small half circle) then lay a towel wrapped heat pad over top....I use press n seal saran wrap around the towel so the pad never gets damp/soiled & then hay or bedding over top. It acts like a broody mom would & promotes more natural heat, faster feathering BC they will venture out to cold for short periods & no risk of them overheating.
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I've been using a dog kennel that has been cleaned out. I put a wooden perch in there any by the end of the first week they were using it. I also use a red heat lamp. 

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How big was your oerch?
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Originally Posted by fuzzy8 View Post

How big was your oerch?

I actually used a perch made from the wood of an old wooden hanger- the bottom part. Its square in shape and is probably about 1 inch x 1/2 inch around and its about a foot long. I put is between the wire grates in the dog kennel and its maybe 2 inches off the ground. They absolutely love it. I need to put another perch in there too since they are getting bigger and there isn't room for all of them. 

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Ok I plan on making one one of 2x4 bases maybe 4" off the ground and have a 1x2 go between them maybe a foot and then maybe make one a bit taller for when they get older and go maybe 10" off the ground?
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I've used the wire dog crates and large rabbit cages...they all work. I cut up a cardboard box as a barrier around the cage to protect them from the cat and the dogs cause I start them in the house the 1st few weeks. I too like many others use the red heat lamp. My brother uses the large 250-300 gal water tank to brood his chicks. Basically a brooder is a safe place for the chicks to be to adjust to their new surroundings and get a good jump start before heading to the coop. They need room to run,food, water, and a heat source....that's all a brooder needs to be.
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Like the jars with water bases? Probably I just cut down a lot of my chore time using bottles/nipples. I'm on my phone but when I get on comp later I will link you the heat pad cave for pics.
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Yes the jars with water bases. I have a wooden crate 4x4 so I'm not sure how the nipples would work for me? What about putting chicken wire on top so they don't get over my 24" sides
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Only thing I didn't like is all the bedding/poop that ends up in those. I zip or wire tie quart or half gallon jugs(with nipples in bottom) to sides of whatever I'm using. Wire over top would be fine, probably not needed til a couple weeks old.
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