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Horse Stall Conversion

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Hello Everyone,


Thought I'd start a thread about my upcoming Horse Stall to Chicken Coop conversion project!   I know there are some threads about this already, but I've mentioned that I was doing this project in other posts and gotten PMs about what I'm doing.  


If you have or are converting a stall into a coop, Please give your ideas and some pics!


Here are a few links to things I'll be putting into my coop:


This automatic door:

and these nest boxes:


I've noticed one area where people seem to disagree and that is on the Floor.   I have hard dirt floors in my stalls now, I intend to put hardware mesh around the bottom and call it good.   If I do decide to put a floor in (I've been reading that it is best) then I'll probably grab some pallets and drop them in, fill in the blank spots with left over pallet wood and cover it with old linoleum flooring.


One other concern I've had is the Latch for what used to be the stall doors, It looks predator proof but I guess I won't know right away.


 I think the horse stall will actually be pretty convenient because it is attached to my pole barn. I plan to put quite a bit of neat stuff in there over the next few months and I'll post what I'm doing to this thread!


The Pics are what I'm starting with.




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Hello again,


I got some work done on one of my horse stalls yesterday!   In anticipation for the 50 chicks arriving next week, I decided to upgrade my brooder from the cardboard box and pine shavings to something big enough for all 56 chicks.  


I arranged straw bales in a way so that I can expand them out as the chicks grow.   I also raked all the old hay, pine shavings and whatnot that was on the floor in the stall to the corners of the walls to provide some additional insulation.   Let me know what you all think of this setup!



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We made some progress this weekend, door, nest boxes and waterer done, just need a roost and some wire now![IMG][IMG][IMG]
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