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That's really good especially for shipped eggs!

They were shipped within state, out of state shipments did not work for me.
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That's a better pic I have three more due tomorrow that have already internally pipped but one of them half the egg is an air cell for some reason so I was afraid that it wouldn't make it but it's still alive so I guess I'll see
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I had three more hatch and tomorrow I have 13 due from magnolia silkies those are the ones I'm really excited about smile.png can't wait so far everything is going good
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It looks like you got a little blue Silkie. Mine are almost to week two so fingers crossed everything will go well. Good luck with your hatch tomorrow!!
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That's great! Yup I got a blue,white,and slpash. And a lot of peeping eggs lol
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So far one buff hatched and a splash pipped I was hoping more would be hatched by now hopefully by tomorrow morning the other 12 will hatch I'll post pics when they all dry off
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Well the only one that didn't make it didn't internally pip. I had one that did internally pip but that was it and I did the rest I made the external pip and then waited a day and it still hadn't done nothing so I carefully took my time zipping and never drew any blood and that one is doing great now. I normally wouldn't help but spending that much money on eggs I didn't want to lose any if I didn't have to smile.png
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