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Please help! Dead male mandarin

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Hello everyone, I'm very upset to go into my coop and find my male mandarin dead, I got a pair a week ago and they seemed spunky everyday, I have been feeding it dumor pellets which I feed my other domestic ducks? Could it be that he didn't eat it? Idk what to do about my lonely female I don't want her to die and now that she's lonely I'd like to find her a mate or at least another pair, I would appreciate any comments thank you!
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Hi I found your post about your mandari n (that is so sad). They say mandarin more so than other ducks get very stressed from traveling. You can actually give them Gatorade upon arrival of they seem to be acting abnormal... I'm sure you can look up how much to give based on weight/size. There are a couple of other things you can give to but Gatorade is the most readily available. The trick is to catch the duck before it's to far into lethargy... In my experience ducks stress easily and a little bit of electrolytes can help if they seem off. (im not an expert and am only speaking from personal experience). And I've also witnessed ducks mourning over losses as well. From what I've reasearched mandarin ducks do okay with other duck species except during the mating season. I really hope you can find a male or possibly another pair for your female. Where did you purchase them from because if you look at their health guarantee you might be able to be reimbursed or sent another...Can you still order another from the place you got your present pair if there is no guarantee?
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Thank you for your reply. I sent them an email hopefully it goes well. I got it from my hope auction in ohio and the farm that had that bird was kennicutt farm in Missouri, I'm new to this backyard chicken site hopefully someone on here can guide me to where I can get another pair from ASAP, I'm alil scetchy getting another from the same place,
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I have two peafowl and two yellow goldens would you think my lonely female might be ok with them I'm nervous to just let her in there, I'd put her with my other ducks but they are permanently outside ducks and she'd fly away then
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I think she'd do better with other ducks for sure, especially if she's already a little stressed. If you do put her with your other ducks I would introduce her to the flock under supervision to make sure they don't pick on her ( ducks can be bullies sometimes). you can clip her flight wings so she cannot fly away. We have mallards and we usually have to clip their wings 3 to 4 times a year. As far as another pair of mandarins go, it's going to be tough this time of year because of their mating season. I myself have been looking for a pair and it seems near to impossible. Most places won't have them until at least the middle of summer if not later. Do your outside ducks have a place to go at night? Wherever they stay at night you could always place the Mandarin duck box on a tree or barn/coop wall near them.
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You can put her in with the peafowl and pheasants just watch that they don't pick on here, she should be fine for a little in there. Having her outside is a risk of her leaving even if she is clipped. I would definitely look for Atleast another mate, even another pair will be good. I'll let you know if I find anyone with left over mandarins. Usually people are either sold out or getting ready for breeding season so it might be hard.
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I am sorry to hear about your drake that died. I would advise against letting her out with your domestic ducks. Even with clipped wings, she can easily run away. Mandarin Ducks are perching ducks that use elevated nests. You will need to keep that in mind for once she is laying.

I will be cutting back on color mutation ducks, and I plan to sell my breeders starting late spring/early summer. If you are potentially interested in working something out, you can contact me through PM on here or check my website out and contact me through the forms on there.
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