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Chook with pink swollen legs

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Can anyone advise me what to treat my chooks legs with. Her legs are quite pink and swollen. Her appetite hasn't changed nor her ability to lay. They look sore.
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without a picture or more information it's hard to say what would be causing this. Do the legs feel hot to the touch? could she have gotten into a poisonous plant like poison ivy or sumac?  Are the legs scaley or rashy? Does she limp? Does she appear to be in pain? Is she lethargic?Just off of what you have described here my first thought is a warm (not hot) epsom salt soak. Stick her in the sink with some warm water that has about a 1/2 cup of epsom salt in it and let her soak her legs until the water gets cool (don't let her get chilled). Do this once or twice a day, you should see some improvement within 3 days but I don't know anything else to tell you without more information. 

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