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Baby Chicks Size

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As you can see from this picture most of the chickens were the same size and supposedly the same age when we got from Tractor Supply. Only the one Rhode Island Red in back row on left was slightly bigger. We got them on 3/12, so they are 4 weeks this Saturday.

This one already looks like a rooster -- thoughts? He's supposed to be a Brown Leghorn and he ❤️ To fly

This is a view of me holding the possible rooster so you can see size difference with next chick.

This is Zebra, our biggest chick. She looks so much older than the other chicks. Any thoughts on this as to why?

We were cleaning their cage tonight so I put them in a bucket so you could see size difference.

Do you think they have their feathers in yet that they can now go in their big coop? First time doing this, so I think I'm being a bit overprotective.

Thanks, everyone, for your kind help
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Hi, I'd say you are correct in assuming the chick in the top pic is a little fella. The size difference may be a function of age or breed possibly.


At 4 weeks, in theory they should be about the right age to go outside, however you need to consider the night time temps, and whatever you decide, you need to acclimatise them to the outdoors. This search has lots of links that may help you out


If you are able to connect a power supply to your coop, the mama heating pad (just type that in the search box) may be worth considering.


All the best and good luck



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Thanks for your response! Temps will be nice by Wednesday and they'll be out then!!
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You are most welcome. Its great to see chicks exploring for the first time and they'll love it too! 



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I'm pretty new to chicks too and also in PA!  I think, based on my very limited experience with such things, that you're right about that top pic being a rooster. 


I have zero advice on moving them outside though! I'll be following the link from a PP as well. ;) Thanks for that!

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