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Lethargic 3-4 day old White Leghorn

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I purchased 6 chicks from TSC on Wednesday. I noticed the single White leghorn chick was very still and calm. I figured it needed time to get acclimated. Yesterday I noticed it had pasty butt, which I removed. I watched it all day, doesn't eat, doesn't drink. She STANDS all day long lightly peeping in or area, and NEVER opens eyes unless I pick it up. It's head still elevated l, not drooping. I tried the sugar water with a syringe, and managed to get some down the poor thing. It's been like this since Wed, but no real decline so I'm confused. I managed to get it to eat some crumble last night before bed, but that's all I could do. She's so bony. Does anyone know how else I can help in some way? Thanks!
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Your chick is probably one who is "failing to thrive". This means that genetic abnormalities, usually internal, are preventing it from eating, processing it's nutrients for growth, and it will probably die soon, I'm very sorry to say. You've already tried what is recommended.


If you aren't ready to give up yet, you might try Poultry Nutri-drench, a vitamin formula that gets right into the bloodstream without needing to be processed by the liver. If anything will turn this chick around that will do it.


Having had a couple of these chicks, though, they usually don't make it.

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Thank you! I currently have her separated and am waiting for the last breaths. I know now there's nothing I can do but wait, Thank you so much for the reply.
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Once I found about about Nutri-Drench and using sugar water (actually sugar water with nutri-drench in it) I start all of them on that as soon as they hit the brooder.


Sorry to hear about your little chick.  Maybe it will pull through.  You can get the Nutri-drench at TSC.

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She's just about gone now, twitching stage is taking place. All the others are fine and fat! If anything I'll definitely take precautions and purchase Nutri-Drench for my others if I see any change. Thanks so much for the replies
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My husband and I went through something very similar a couple weeks ago- someone suggested the chick might be dehydrated or vitamin deficient and said that administering a vitamin called poly-vi-sol without iron could help.  It's a supplement for human babies that can be found at most drug stores and did the trick for our little chick.  Here is the thread where we included a video of the sick chick:

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