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3rd polish died...

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Ok, when I bought my 3 polish bantams Saturday they all had poop caked on their butts and the girl tried to sell me the story that they are fine. So 2 died Wednesday night and now the third passed last night. We are so sad. I went and bought 2 more chicks yesterday because I didn't want our remaining polish to be lonely but now I'm concerned. I thought I saw a little blood in the poop of the polish that died last night and now I'm concerned it could have been cocci? What does that mean for the two chicks I bought yesterday? I keep my brooder REALLY clean and clean up poop anytime I see it (chicks poop a lot!) Is there anything I need to do for the two I have left? Thank you smile.png
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what are you feeding?

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First of all so sorry for your lose,Its so tough to loose a chick. It maybe Cocci.. Where did you purchase your babies? Honestly I never buy chicks if they have pasty butt or otherwise look perfectly healthy. I know thats kinda tough If you have your heart set on a specific breed.

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They are eating medicated feed. I also had put in their water the sav a chic probiotic and electrolytes. I purchased them at a feed store in Orange, CA. I think I am going to go buy some corrid (I think that's right?) at a different feed store and just start giving it to the two I got last night to make sure if that is what it was and they were exposed yesterday that they will be ok.
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