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I've brought some chicks home to look after over the holidays. They range between three and five days. So far they have been In their brooder box on puppy training pads and kitchen roll. I want to give them a bit more space to move around so I've put them into a large indoor rabbit cage. I've put pine shavings on the floor and a bit of straw in one corner to keep them entertained. There is a heat pad in there and food and water plus a parrots bell with a ball on the end for them to play with.

I've noticed them pecking at the shavings. They know where the food is because they've all eaten and drunk since they've been in there. Will they be ok if they nibble a bit?

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Natural instinct is for them to scratch.    The pine shavings will not harm them.    Now you know why NEVER to use cedar shavings and sawdust. 

WISHING YOU BEST... :thumbsup

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Thank you 😊
I've been watching closely and I think they are picking them up and dropping them, rather than eating them. One of them won't go under the heat plate. It's as if she's scared of it. I don't think anyone is blocking her out deliberately but she's so tired she keeps falling asleep pushed up against the side but won't go under, even if none of the others are under it. She's been under one the whole time so I don't know why she's suddenly so freaked out by it. She's going to get really cold if she isn't careful. Any ideas?
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If she gets cold enough, she will find it and get warm.

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Place lil chic under there and block her in shortly. (a few minutes)    Then take the obstruction away.    If she leaves on her own, than you know she wants out.    Possibly then just place her near there so some of the warmth radiates to her. 

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Thanks for advice. She has just this second braved it and forced herself underneath. Within seconds, four of them had run out. Now everyone is out and having some food. When they all go back under, I will see if she follows
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Ive moved them into a different box in a darker room for the night and I put her in first and waited for her to go under the heat pad before bringing anyone else in. Checked on them a few times and they are all asleep under the heat pad. Hopefully problem is solved. Thanks for your help 😊
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