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Adult chicken is super unhappy about my new chicks

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So I have a batch of little ones from tsc that are fully feathered but still only maybe 1/3 the size of my lone remaining girl from last year (she has a duckfriend to cuddle her at night). Because the little ones are now too big to spend all their time in the brooder, I moved them out to a run within the run. They're all quite content with this development, however my big girl is miffed to say the least. She is usually a quiet chicken, I think in the past few months I've heard her cluck louder than a chirp 3 times, all of which were when she was laying. In the hour since I moved the babies she has not stopped. She is making clucks that sound distressed, and I'm worried she may attract predators. Is there anythng I can do to help calm her, other than bring the little ones back inside for now?

Since I initially tried to post this, I did at least temporarily move them back indoors.
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Unless you want to permanently have 2 runs and coops you need to introduce them. The run within the run is perfect. She will complain and pitch a fit but eventually get over it. She will be fine, put them back out.
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These links may help a little


The principles described remain the same.


Good luck


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Nairobi, Kenya
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I guess my big concern is that we live in an area with a LOT of predators. There is a reason that we only have one chicken and one duck from last year left. I worry that her being super loud like that is going to attract things that are going to kill/eat all my sweet girls, I mean she was literally nonstop to the point of making herself a little hoarse already.
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She will be ok. They need to get familiar.
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Oklay, Just insisting that they need to get familiar does not help me solve the issue at hand. I am aware that they need to eventually all wind up together but I do not want them to be in danger of being eaten in the process. Which if she continues to cluck herself ragged they will be. 

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There really is no way to make her stop. Maybe let them all in together and you just stay right there in case she gets violent you can remove her. I live in coyote are and my chickens free range all the time. What materials are your coop made of?
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If it has only been an hour since the little ones were put out, that is not enough time.  By night fall, she will have had most of the day with them and things will be a different story when she wakes up in the morning and the little ones are there.  You just have to give them time.  Also, make sure your run can keep out the predators.  Honestly, the noise may keep them away more so that the quiet.

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I think I will try again in the morning and move them in before I let the big girl out.  I will have more time to watch things tomorrow and to keep an eye out for predators.

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One little tip I learned from someone here on BYC (and I wish I could remember who it was to give proper credit) was to use a little scratch to introduce them.  You already have the pen within the pen, so that step is done.  Run a line of scratch along one side the pen, right at the edge so that some is on the adult side and some is on the chick side. Sounds like such a little thing, but their appetites will work to your advantage.  She'll be on her side gobbling what she can and they'll be on their side doing the same thing.  They'll almost be feeding head to head, but she can't reach them.  Before long she'll associate those chicks with nummys instead of seeing them as a threat.


If you were going to have major predator problems, you'd have had some by's not just the sound that attracts them but the smell and the sight as well, so her noise alone won't do much more attracting than any other of their senses being tickled.  It will take longer than a couple of hours....patience.  A week might be more like it.

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