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pasty but?

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Hello I have a baby biff orphinton thay us pooping and eating but seems to have a raw swollen but. Is this pasty but? Any suggestions welcome

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Yes it's pasty butt! I generally use peroxide or lukewarm water to clean the bum. Run lukewarm water over the bum and gently wipe poo away, then blow dry mildly (not too hard or hot) until dry! Then take either Vaseline or triple antibiotic ointment and rub it on or around bum, should help with redness and help poo slide off easier!
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Its  just because they don't have an pathway there for the poop to go through their fluff  so it gets stuck to their but. If it gets really bad, or looks like it plugging the chicks rectum then you can take some scissors and cut the fluff the poop is stuck to.

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Unless poo isn't stuck on bum, then simply clean it and watch bum closely for a few days!
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The above advice is all spot on. When I started my fist flock in January I obsessed about it for a day or so after reading a lot about it, but as long as it's not plugging the chick up it's not generally an issue. Just try to keep the temps about right, maybe give some probiotics at 1/2 strength, and keep them as stress-free as possible. After a week or so most pasty butt issues disappear. That was the case with mine anyway. I'm raising 30 broilers that are a week old as of yesterday and only noticed one with dried fertilizer on his butt but it's not causing any problems so I left him alone. As much as broilers create fertilizer he'd have been belly-up in 10 minutes if he was having any problems. 

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Thank you everyone. We have a silkie hen that adopted two buff orphintons one passed at 4 days old she just has this one left she is now about 9 days. It's so cute to watch a mother raise them
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