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Really need help!!!

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I have a chick who's almost 2 weeks old that is having serious constipation issues. I've tried the warm butt bath and gently massaging her which I did have some luck and did get a lot out of her but she's still having trouble I've also tried giving her water with some olive oil to try and get things moving without any luck. Im to the point of trying to do the enema approach but unsure on the amount to use and I'm scared to start over stressing her if anyone has any advice on the enema please let me know I really don't know what else to do
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A constipated chick is going to die unless you get it unplugged.


Have you tried simply holding a little dish of mineral oil under its beak, as if offering it water? Chicks will often think it's water and will take a healthy slurp, enough to get the job done. If it refuses, then you my need to syringe a tiny bit at a time into its beak. Do not try to squirt it down its throat or it may breath in the oil.


And I would take an eye dropper and get a little mineral oil just inside the vent to loosen the plug at the lower end. If successful, you should see results very quickly. If you have no mineral oil, use coconut oil. Or olive oil as a last resort.


By this time, the vent tissue may be swollen and inflamed. The best thin to use on it is coconut oil to reduce inflammation and to soothe the pain.

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I went and got coconut oil I was able to get her to drink some and I'm pretty sure I was able to get some in her vent I guess it's just a waiting game at this point if nothing happens in an hour I'll try again thank you very much for the help
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I just had this happen last night. I know how you feel. I used coconut oil and within an hour or so things start moving, she quit straining so hard and she was drinking on her own. This morning she was fine. Eating and drinking on her own and pooing even though at first this morning it seemed like lots of little knots. I think I let my brooder get overcrowded and she wasn't able to get all the water she needed. I moved them to a big brooder today and tonight at bedtime there was no difference in her and the other chicks as far as eating, drinking or how they pooed. Hang in there. Think about how you will laugh tomorrow when she is fine and realize that you saved her with a coconut oil enema. Who woulda thunk it as they say. smile.png
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Still no luck yet but I'm not giving up. This is my little boys chick and I know he's going to devastated if she dies hell at this point I will be to. Never in my life did think I would be squeezing poop out or injecting coconut oil into a little chicks butt lol. The things we do for our kids haha
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It's also amazing how quickly and intensely we can get emotionally involved in such a tiny little being.

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