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We started with 16 eggs and successfully hatched 8. My temp on the incubator digital read between 101-102 degrees. My inside thermometer read between 95-99 on the floor of incubator. I assumed the difference was because heat rises. If l raised the temp to bring up the lower one , I was afraid I would cook the eggs.

All a guessing game....:
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That was my fear to. Now I'm fighting get my chicks to go under the EcoGlow when they are cold.
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Really? I've never had a problem with the Eco-glow. They run in and out whenever they want.

My house is about 65 degrees. They spend more time than you'd think out of it, and just run back in for a few minutes to warm up. They do great that way.

Nevertheless, she persisted.


Nevertheless, she persisted.

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They are figuring it out. They are so much more aggressive than I remember. Pecking each other in the face and what not. I guess it has been a year and those chicks were a week old.
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I called the manufacturer and the lady was not really of much help.  She said "keep playing with it."  Hope you can get better information than I did!


I won't ever be volunteering to do this project again!  I stayed up till 2am last night babysitting the incubator because it spiked to 103.  Took the lid off to let some heat out, then touched it a hair... drops to 97.  I mean... a HAIR.  


I actually left the temp setting and put towels around it (left vent holes open) and then it cruised up to 100 all night long and stayed there.   Just turned eggs this morning and it's climbing back up, hopefully to 100 again, that'd be nice. 


The anxiety I feel is horrendous.  I mean, I understand they're just eggs, and the 4h people have said it's ok, sometimes they hatch and sometimes they don't but then I have kids being all disappointed, and I hate that. I feel completely responsible for the thing, even though it wasn't my project to begin with!


Grr.   Sorry.  So tired.  

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I know how you feel. Now that the hatch is over I'm dealing with 1 chick that can't stay on its feet and I think another has got a splayed leg. Very disappointing and VERY STRESSFUL.
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