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I let her back in with the others to see how she was symptomatically, she seemed a bit more perked up in the box when I let her out she is still having issues. She is still laying down every few seconds and will use her wings to steady herself when getting up and down. hmm.png
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She is moving so that has to be a good sign. I am new to chicks and still learning. Right now it's a wait and see.
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How is your chick this morning? Better I hope.
Mine is still alive. I took the starter feed and put it into the blender and mixed with water and Rooster Booster Vitamins and electrolyte. So far I see an increase in response. She/he chirps,moves it's head and moves it's legs, but not standing up or walking just yet. Poo is brown and white. I rinsed the bum so nothing dries on.
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Mine will get up and walk but she seems a bit week on her legs. I was watching her today and it seems like I may have been off base before and that perhaps it's a leg injury that is actually causing her odd behavior because it seems like she is actually limping. Besides the frequent laying down and limping her behavior is pretty normal, she's very alert, and eating fine, I haven't actually seen her get a drink but I've been dipping her beak every so often. She does not like having her beak dipped and has enough pizazz to fight me when I grab her to give her water. I'm gonna take a look at her legs next time I go in.
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I thought I would give an update. My little Ruby seems to be recovered! She is doing great now. I'm not sure if it was a vitamin deficiency or a leg injury but her resting and my adding rooster booster vitamin & electrolytes with Lacto baccilus seems to have worked. I have been keeping it in their water for a few days now and I've been wetting down food with the water. The only downside is that they're totally spoiled on wet down food now lol.
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Wendi how is your baby doing? If you haven't already I would add some of this stuff (or something similar to their water).
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My baby is doing great. We kept it inside in the brooder box. I gave vitamin and electrolytes in water and nonmedicated chick food. I noticed after 48 hours a completely well baby. I took it out for some outside time and it rested on my shoulder the whole time. I moved it back outside yesterday and still doing wonderful. It became really friendly and loves to be held. I am so Thankful and it's name is now Lucky. Thanks for asking and I am super happy to hear your chick is doing great also. *High five!*
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