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Bantam ID please

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Ok so I bought 36 bantam eggs from a trade days and I thought I was getting all Japanese white black tailed bantams. Those were the only birds he had for sell and that is what


he told me when I bought them. About half of them were fertile but for 8 dollars per 18 hatching eggs I wasn't too dismayed. All of the fertile eggs hatched and they all came out different. I don't really know what any of them are they may all be cross breeds but one of the little chickens had 5 toes. But it doesn't look anything like the birds that are known to have 5 toes. 

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Went and looked at the rest of them and i have another 2 or 3 with 5 toes as well. None of them have feathers down their legs. 

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Hello BC,

I was looking at different breeds of Bantams and there are two that look similar to your chick. The first one is a Black Frizzle Cochin Bantam. These birds are Chinse bred with the sweetest personalities, although they are not known for their egg laying production. The next I would have to guess would be the Black Silkie Bantam. These birds were bred in China, they have a sweet personality as well, the lap dogs of chicken world. This breed is unusual because of their 5 toes instead of four. Of course I'm not greatly experienced with chickens but I did find all this information on a chicken website, Hope I helped at least a little bit. Hope you find out more information about this little cutie.
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If it was a silkie cross it would have black skin (including legs and feet) and feathered legs.  Cochin bantams (and crosses) would have feathered legs also.  Apparently 5 toes can crop up as an occasional anomaly even in regular 4 toed breeds.  It could be a birchen or mottled Japanese bantam.  I'm really not sure.  Very cute little chick though. 

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None of the birds have feathered legs. I have read since posting this that Japanese bantams have 5 toes some of them at least so I am just thinking I got a bunch of mutts lol. 

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