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I should have some BA /lavender orpington mixes end of this month. I will be setting them in the incubator on the 11th.
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Been on all crack corn for about a week. Difference between pullets with feed restriction and Roos without is drastic but haven't weighed them.
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I have my first 3 australorp/orpington chicks. They are precious. 1 week old now and just as hyper as can be. 5 more weeks free feed of chick starter (non medicated) then grower until 12 weeks then 50/50 corn/grower. day 1
day 5. Lil bugger likes to snuggle.

Do you by chance have pictures of the project birds?
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My progect Cornish X. Not sure that all are hens pretty sure ones a roo. Average wieght at 6 weeks is a shade over 2 pounds. Feed restriction is working lol.
Buff orps are somewhere in this mix. Average weight at around 7 oz at 3 weeks.
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Your X are about the size of my 8 week leghorn spitzhauben mix.
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those are my failed experiment of white leghorn to spitzhauben roo. That's them 2 weeks ago. They are not going to make a very good meat bird as they are just too small .
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