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What should i do?

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I am hatching Guinea Fowls and Bantam eggs,They were put in the incubator at the same time,they have been in the incubator for 23 days,should I stop turning them at the same time?

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I thought bantam eggs hatch time is 21 days while guinea eggs are closer to 28?
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I candled them the other day and they looked like they weren't ready to hatch.I check on them every day,are they OK?

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I do not use bators so i am not sure what to tell you. However i do not see the bantam eggs working if you are at day 24 and no pip at all from them.
Also i am guessing that the hatch might have been messed up abit since lockdown should have happened on day 18 for the bantam chicken eggs.
Hopefully someone else will chime in who is more experienced with bators.
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Did a quick search and in regards to the guinea eggs here is some info

The most obvious thing to know is how long the eggs are going to be in the incubator. Keeping track of the days is essential as you will have to remember when you should stop turning the eggs, raise humidity, and so on. Guinea eggs hatch after 26-28 days in the incubator.

Turning should continue until three days prior to hatching. If you notice any eggs pipping before this point, stop turning immediately as turning could make the keet become disorientated and could prevent it from pecking its way out of the egg. Stop turning guinea eggs on day 23.

No matter if you are hand turning, using a manual turner, or an automatic one, you still need to check the eggs for cracks, seeping, and bad odors. With an automatic turner, check the eggs when you add water to the incubator or at least every 3 or 4 days up until day 23.
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so would it be OK if I unplug the egg turner tomorrow?

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Yes and at that point its lockdown mode till hatch day for the guinea eggs.good luck with your hatch.
Im not sure what to tell you do do about the bantam eggs. I guess just keep your eye on them and make sure they dont start to smell etc. As i am not sure if they will hatch.
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Thank you sooooooo much.I guess I just didn't think about the time the bantams were supposed to hatch.         :goodpost:

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You are very welcome. How many guinea eggs do you have and what type?
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I can't tell the difference between guinea eggs and bantam eggs,but i have 13 eggs.I don't know what breed the guineas are,all I know is that they are gray and white.

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