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New Babies, bloody poop

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Hi, we just brought 12 chicks home today. 10 are 3 days old, 2 of them are a  week old. After putting them in the brooder, I noticed a couple of bloody poops, not a ton of blood, some pinkish red streaks. Although I watched them for a really long time, I'm not sure who made them. I did see one lay a poop which was mostly undigested starter feed, looked just like the food only a little wet. 2 of the chicks, are less active than the others, but not completely lethargic. All of them eat and drink.

Any suggestions?

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Welcome to BYC!


Sounds like Coccidiosis. You need to get some Corid from the feed store and put it in their water. You can treat the whole batch of chicks.


Dosage for Cocci is 1 1/2 teaspoons Corid powder per gallon or 2 teaspoons of 9.6% Corid liquid per gallon

Give for 5-7 days - make sure this is the ONLY water available during that time period. Mix a fresh batch at least once a day.

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Thanks, Wyorp Rock.  I don't really see anymore blood today, a lot of loose stools, though. And one of the Speckled Sussex is definitely lethargic .

I went to A Tractor Supply today, and called another one, and both are out of Corid til Friday! Do you think they really need this? I heard cocci would be rare for a chick this young (4 days today). They have been on wire caged floors and on medicated feed.  Can anyone else tell me if they think I need the Corid? I don't know where I can get any within the next couple of days.

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Do you have pictures of the poop?

Can you post pictures of your brooder setup?

It could be intestinal shedding.

You may want to make sure the overall temperature in the brooder is not too warm. Ideally you want one spot that is warm, while the rest is cool. Your chick could be suffering from shipping stress, too much heat, etc.

If nothing else you may want to add some vitamins to the water.

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I made up a gallon of water with one packet of electrolytes and one packet of probiotics and gave it to all of them to drink. The girls who seemed in rough shape are much better now!  Thanks again Wyorp Rock for responding!

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I hope they continue to do well!

Good luck:)

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