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Hurt leg

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The other day my dog got too excited and hopped in our brooder! Scared all of our poor chicks! One chick git his foot stuck in the feeder, the got herself free. Now she limps and won't put any weight on that foot.

Is there anything I can/should do to help it heal, or will it heal on its own?
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Do you think it is broken or just sprained?

Sometimes they will heal nicely on their own, but it depends on how injured she is.

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It doesn't appear broken. Haven't felt any swelling or that anythingis out of place. I'm thinking it could just be sprained.

She's doing a good job to baby it -but the poor girl keeps getting stepped on
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You may want to separate her inside the brooder. Put in a wire barrier so she can still see the others, but not get trampled. Put some food and water in there for her. If she has a buddy or there is another chick that is very calm you can try putting that one in with her, if not some people have good luck putting a small stuffed animal with the lone chick so it has something to cuddle with when it sleeps.

I hope she improves soon.

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