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Lavender Orpingtons

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Hi everyone! So I am getting a lavender orpington today to add on to my two ameraucanas and one buff orpington. Any facts about lavenders that are ggod to know? any tips on moving her to the flock? They are all the same age. Thanks!:thumbsup

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Cool, I bet she's really pretty. I love lavender and blue colors. The only fact I know is the lavender gene can sometimes cause a raggedy looking tail. As far as introducing her to a new flock you should quarantine her for at least 30 days to make sure she is healthy. You don't want to put a sick hen in with the healthy ones. A wire dog crate in your garage or basement should work as long as it is at least 12 yards away from the coop. This will prevent pathogens from spreading that travel in the air. Make sure you have separate clothing for caring for your flock and the new hen and of course wash your hands in between. I would personally also give your new hen a vitamin electrolyte product and some probiotics to boost her immune system. Observe her carefully for the 30 days for signs of disease and treat her accordingly. If all goes well move the wire dog crate in to the chicken run. This way the hens can see each other without fighting. It may take a week for them to get used to each other than you can start letting her out supervised for few hours. Fighting it to be expected but if their is blood quickly separate them. Add a few hours out of the cage every day until you feel comfortable leaving them unsupervised. Here's some links on quarantining, new flock introductions and how to examine a chicken for health. Hope this helped.

Note- Make sure the dog crate is placed some where that is predator proof. Coyotes can knock the crates over and kill the poor chickens. You can sit her outside during the day to get fresh air then put her in a locked garage at night.

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Thanks! I have a 10x10 foot dog kennel where I currently have the coop. I think I am just going to put the dog crate in their until everyone has met and she is ready for the move.

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