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Stiff chicken with closed eyes

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I have had 2 chickens in the last week who have had this, they have isolated themselves and look really sick and they keep their eyes closed and are all scrunched up like they're cold. When you nudge them they kind of just fall over like they can't feel their legs. I think they might've popped a yolk inside of them because I saw that on Dr Pol once but I'm not sure. Don't mind the lamb head in the pictures, the first one was under a heat lamp with the lamb but I don't think they're cold anymore, I believe it's something more severe. The one is already dead but I have another and due to the time frame between the two I think it might be some sort of virus. Thankyou for your help and I'm sorry if it is hard to follow
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I don't see a picture, but they could be suffering from coccidiosis, especially if they are young. If they are older, reproductive or egg problems might be a possibility. Are they eating, drinking, and walking normally? Corid (amprollium) is the treatment for cocci in the water for 5 days. Worms could also be a problem. Examine their crops in early morning to feel if they could be impacted. Look for evidence of lice and mites. If you lose another bird, send in a refrigerated body to the state vet for a necropsy to help determine what is going on.
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Sadly the second one died this evening, although I will look into getting a biopsy done. Thank you for the help, even though it was too late for the chicken to be saved. 

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Sorry for your loss. Here are 2 good links about sending a bird for a necropsy, along with state vets and other poultry labs:

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