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Hens hips

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One of my hens layed an egg twice the size of a large egg. Since then she has been bow legged and just about dragging her butt on the ground. When we cracked the egg it was spoiled. Is this hen's condition permanent? Not sure what to do to help her.
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Welcome to BYC. She may be suffering from a temporary nerve paralysis from being egg bound. Give her some vitamins and electrolytes in her water, offer some chopped egg along with her normal feed, and keep her in a small area for now to watch her. Let us know how she is in a day or so. Do you have a local vet would could see her?
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There are several reproductive problems in hens ranging from internal laying, egg yolk peritonitis, salpingitis or infection of the oviduct, egg binding, and others. Was the egg rotten that she laid, or was it a lash egg? Can you hive a few more details?

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She seems to be doing fine, her hips have straightened out and she as active as the rest now. We got another giant egg, my wife is afraid to crack it. 

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If the egg is abnormal, could you post a picture? It is good to hear that she is doing much better.
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Here is a picture. The egg on the left is of typical size we get. The right is abnormally large.
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