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Suddenly, Limping and off balance

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My 1 year old Bard Rock suddenly started making a racket and was hobbling with what appears to be inability to stand/ bear complete weight on her left leg? She seems butt heavy. I have 3 chickens and the others seemed to allow her to retreat to a corner of the pen where she was quiet for an hour or so, (we examined her and found no sign of trauma or noticed and guarding ( do chickens guard when painful movement?) I fed her there and later she perked up a bit, waddled around and seemed more energetic.
She was unable to jump up to the area that they sleep so we put her there,
This morning she seems more traumatized and anxious. I brought her inside put her in a box to rest. Will put her back out so that the pecking order is maintained.
I am hopeful that with intermittent respite and rest she will get better.
Not sure whether I should give her aspirin. How is that given?
I cannot see anything definite to treat, hope that time will heal.
Any advice would be reassuring.
Thank you!
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You can give 81 mg baby aspirin twice a day by mouth or in food. Keeping her in a small pen in the coop or with the other chickens may rest her leg for a couple of weeks. You can evaluate how she is doing weekly or more often, but sprains take several weeks to heal. Broken bones may not always be visible. Let us know how she's getting along. Heavier hens may benefit from lower roosts.
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Thank you so much for the information! she is still limping but is out with the other hens and though seems protective is interacting well.
I will try the aspirin and watch her...
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Just wanted to close this by telling you that our chicken recovered dramatically over a day and a half and was completely back to normal within 3-4 days.
So great to have the expertise out there to allay my fears.
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