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Limping Rooster

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My 7 year old rooster has been limping for well over a week now and showing no improvement. He's my husbands favorite and I want to do whatever I can to help him but I don't know what to do. I thought maybe he had just hurt it a little and would be ok in a couple days but that's not the case. I looked at the bottom of his foot and can't find anything wrong other than its a little swollen and hot to the touch where the other is not. I've seen pictures of bumble foot but his doesn't look like the pictures with the big ball looking thing or the scab part I've seen but I suspect maybe some kind of infection since its hot feeling.what do u think it could be and What do I do to treat him?
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looks like black scabs on its right that the side he's favoring (lame on)?

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It's the foot on right side of picture...would actually be his left foot.
It's just a little more swollen than the other but very painful to him and hot.
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You may want to get him seen by a vet to get him on some antibiotics in case he has a bacterial infection such as staph or mycoplasma synovitis (MS.)  Gout can also cause swollen feet. He does have a couple of areas of bumblefoot with scabs, but whether or not that is connected to his swollen feet, is not clear.

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